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Welcome to Ariston International Trade Ltd

Ariston International Trade Ltd is an experienced trading company founded in 2008. We specialize in sourcing and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables for customers worldwide.

We are working with industry leading growers and packing houses, to provide the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry. We provide year round consistency in first class fresh produce.

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What we do

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Over the years we have cultivated an extensive network of partners and suppliers which gives us the ability to provide a wide range of fruit and vegetable products for the food industry. The philosophy of "as near as possible, as far as necessary" applies to our sourcing strategy. For that reason we have strong presence to all important production areas for each fruit we deal.


Being a trading company gives us the ability to bring multiple supply sources to our customers on a year round basis. Customer requirements and confidence are our priority, so all transactions are transparent. We offer up-to-date market information and overviews which provides our customers the ability to make smarter buying decisions.

Our trading strategy is managed entirely from two perspectives

  1. Each customer has different needs. We pride ourselves on finding you the products you need at the right price.
  2. Brands are used as a point of differentiation in terms of product and quality level. Thanks to many years of our consistent collaboration, some of the brands we can offer you, almost exclusively and command clear advantages in the trade are:



Export, import, overseas shipping, long and short-haul freight, delivery to the retailers’ warehouse or individual stores. We fulfill your needs cooperating with the best in each sector.


Ocean Freight

With so many ocean shipping options, it may be challenging to find available space on a vessel at a competitive rate. We can help you assess and select the best ocean freight service to meet your goals.


Air Freight

We can help you explore your options quickly and select the ones that are right for your air freight when time is of the essence. We have a vast experience with air freight transportation especially for strawberries and cherries. We have very strong business relation with the best forwarding companies and air carriers.


Truck transportation

When you work with us, you have access to more carriers than the competition, experts who specialize in helping improve your supply chain and receive your orders on time.


After Sales Service

“You can't let things get you down when you're on call 24/7”. 

Our People

We know you want to look good and our passionate and experienced team knows how to do that.
Come over and meet our Team.


Aris Kalantzopoulos

Procurement and Sales Manager



Demira Saratseva

Sales & Export Executive



Eva Petrou

Documents Coordinator


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